Membership Benefits

Members of New Mexico Medical Group Management Association enjoy a quarterly meeting where professionals from the medical practice industry speak on various topics to enhance our member’s knowledge-base on the latest developments and strategies for efficient and profitable practices.

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To join NMMGMA online, please use the PayPal link, fill out the application below and send to

If you wish to send a check, please fill out the application below and send with payment enclosed to PO Box 91196 Albuquerque, NM 87199-1199.


Below are the list of different memberships types offered by NMMGMA.

  • Membership Fee: $75.00
    An Individual Member is someone who performs managerial duties involving multiple areas, or performs administrative tasks and also performs managerial or administrative tasks.

  • Membership Fee: $125.00
    An Affiliate Member is a person who is not eligible to be an Individual Member. They may be a representative of a non-group practice or organization who is otherwise involved in healthcare through professional societies or provides products and/or services which enhance our Association’s ability to meet the health needs of their community.

  • Membership Fee: $25.00
    A Student Member is a person who is a full time student according to guidelines of their college or university.

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